WoSAS Pin: 14154

Site Name: Carman Muir

Alternative Name(s):

Monument Type: Cairns

Council: West Dunbartonshire

Parish: Cardross

Map Sheet: NS37NE

Grid Reference: 236879, 678754 Information from Cameron, D.A.
236907, 678741 Information from Cameron, D.A.
236927, 678769 Information from Cameron, D.A.

Canmore Number: 82243

Non-Statutory Register Code:

Site Report

WoSASPIN 14154

NS 368 787 At c155m OD, c200m S of Carman Muir road, a group of three cairns situated on the break of slope.
Cairn 1: Round cairn, 6m diameter, 80cm high, sub-circular, stone construction but now turf/heather covered. Depression on S side - ? possibly robbed.
Cairn II: Sub-circular, 8m E to W by 7m N to S, 60cm high. Dispersed and irregular, stone construction apparent under turf. Possibly robbed on NE side.
Cairn III: oval mound, 7m N to S by 11m E to W, c30cm high. Some loose stone on NE side. Tapering ends. Not as convincing as Cairns I and II.
F Baker 1993.

Actual positions determined to within about 3 metres by GPS:
Cairn I is at NS 36879 78754
Cairn II is at NS 36907 78741
Cairn III is at NS 36927 78769
Infromation from Cameron, D.A., 19/04/12

Further Reading and Sources

Baker, F , 'Carman Muir (Cardross parish): cairns', Discovery and Excavation in Scotland, 1993, p.81.(1993)