WoSAS Pin: 15822

Site Name: Mains of Cardross

Alternative Name(s):

Monument Type: Medieval Manor (possible site of); Midden; Farmstead; Military Installation

Council: West Dunbartonshire

Parish: Cardross

Map Sheet: NS37NE

Grid Reference: 239100, 676650

Canmore Number: 89424

Non-Statutory Register Code:

Site Report

WoSASPIN 15822

Medieval manor (possible site of); Midden deposits, site of deserted farmstead, possible World War II bunker. Details in Strathclyde Sites and Monuments Record.
SRC SMR 1994a.

Situated on a local eminence on the undulating flood plain of the River Leven. The site of the main structure has been re-used in several phases of feeding stations using concrete footings, which is all that is visible. The surrounding ground has a disturbed look to it, and the stone from the main structure was probably robbed. To the north of the site the steep slope has eroded, revealing lenses of blackened rubble containing pottery, glass and various forms of slag, none of which would appear to pre-date the post-medieval period. There was no sign of the well marked on 1st edition OS maps, but the planned orchard still survives to a large degree, and contains plum trees surrounded by what was obviously a well tended hedge of trees. A possible World War II bunker occupies a sandy knoll some 30m east of the concrete feeding station. It consists of a vertical concrete wall reveting the east side of the knoll, with several roof fragments atop the wall.
Robins, P., Strathclyde SMR, 19/08/94

Information from Fiona Baker shows that the curious topography of the field to the N and W of the site was caused by extensive sand extraction this century. The possible WWII bunker is in fact part of the washing plant of the quarry. This means the geophysics results by P Johnson and D Abernethy are now subject to reinterpretation and are more than likely an effect of the quarrying.
Entered WoSAS (PR) 04/11/98.

The park of Cardross referred to in connection with Robert the Bruce has not yet been identified but could be related to the Mains (ie. manor) of Cardross site, possibly.
Entered WoSAS (PR) 17/10/2013

Further Reading and Sources

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