WoSAS Pin: 19502

Site Name: Jaw Reservoir

Alternative Name(s):

Monument Type: Anti-aircraft Battery (possible)

Council: West Dunbartonshire

Parish: Old Kilpatrick

Map Sheet: NS57NW

Grid Reference: 250070, 675650

Canmore Number: 98878

Non-Statutory Register Code:

Site Report

WoSASPIN 19502

NS 5007 7566. World War Two bunker and possible gun emplacement: details in Strathclyde Regional Council SMR.
SRC SMR 1993

NS 5007 7565. Located to the SW of the natural mound known as Maidens Paps, just outside the Jaw Reservoir fence, there is a concrete bunker which may also have served as a gun emplacement. It is turf covered with an entrance on the S side. At the time of visit this entrance was flooded so the interior was not inspected.
Visited SRC (Swanson) 31/3/93

Further Reading and Sources

SRC SMR , 'Jaw Reservoir (Old Kilpatrick parish): {bunker and gun emplacement}', Discovery and Excavation in Scotland, 1993, pp.77.(1993)