WoSAS Pin: 21370

Site Name: Carman Muir

Alternative Name(s):

Monument Type: Hut-circle (possible)

Council: West Dunbartonshire

Parish: Cardross

Map Sheet: NS37NE

Grid Reference: 236960, 678580 Not checked

Canmore Number: 124496

Non-Statutory Register Code:

Site Report

WoSASPIN 21370

The following site in West Dunbartonshire has been identified and recorded during fieldwork carried out by the staff of WoSAS. Full details are available in the WoSAS SMR.
NS 3696 7858 Carman Muir - ?Hut circle.
West of Scotland Archaeology Service 1997.

On fairly level ground, just to the north of the drove road (NS37NE39) is a circular enclosure with low turf and stone walls, with an internal diameter of 16m and with a 2m wide entrance in th east side. The banks are approximately 0.2m high and 2-3m wide, with a few stones showing. The interior is slightly sunken.
Flower, C., Strathclyde SMR, 04/12/96

Twelve years after the original report, exposed stones could no longer be seen in the boundary wall, but the circular course of the wall was still quite clearly visible.
Information from Cameron, D.A., 23/06/09

Oval enclosure measuring 16m N-S x 14m E-W over earth banks 2m wide and up to 0.4m high at NS 36988 78576, on N side of drove road, identified during field trip with the North Clyde Archaeological Society on 23/04/14. Grass covered, no stones visible. Previously recorded as hut circle at NS 3696 7858 (NMRS: NS37NE 2 / Canmore ID 124496 / WoSAS PIN 21370). Baker thinks more likely an animal enclosure rather than a hut circle.
Information from Baker, F., 31/03/14

Further Reading and Sources

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