WoSAS Pin: 60642

Site Name: Over Enoch

Alternative Name(s):

Monument Type: Stone Row

Council: East Renfrewshire

Parish: Eaglesham

Map Sheet: NS54NE

Grid Reference: 257440, 649200 NGR from ACFA report

Canmore Number:

Non-Statutory Register Code:

Site Report

WoSAS Pin 60642
NS4744 4920

A line of three large boulders measuring 1m long x 0.5m wide x 0.3m high lie in a northwest-southeast orientation.
Hunter, S., Hunter, R., & Munro, J., 'Park, Netherton, Nether Enoch, Over Enoch, Carrot and Myres Farms, and the farmlands of Hare Shaw and Drumduff, Eaglesham, East Renfrewshire', ACFA Occasional Paper No. 93, 2008

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