WoSAS Pin: 63270

Site Name: Holehouse

Alternative Name(s):

Monument Type: Stone Row

Council: East Renfrewshire

Parish: Eaglesham

Map Sheet: NS55SE

Grid Reference: 257521, 653021 NGR from ACFA report

Canmore Number:

Non-Statutory Register Code:

Site Report

WoSAS Pin 63270
NS 5752 5302

NS57521 53021 - A line of six rough large boulders sitting on top of a small outcrop runs in a northeast/southwest direction and measures 3.5m x 1.3m at their widest rising to 1.4m at their highest. Below on their northwestern side is a possible shelter.
Hunter, S. & Hunter, R., 'Holehouse, Kirkland, Mid Borland & High Borland Farms, the farmlands of Low Borland, Comrigs, Kirkton, Waterfoot Park & enclosures of land surrounding Eaglesham Village: An Archaeological Survey', ACFA Occasional Paper 107, (2010)

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