WoSAS Pin: 6490

Site Name: River Irvine

Alternative Name(s):

Monument Type: Antler Point

Council: North Ayrshire

Parish: Dundonald

Map Sheet: NS33NW

Grid Reference: 232545, 637205

Canmore Number: 41919

Non-Statutory Register Code: F

Site Report


(NS 3254 3720) Mesolithic Antler Point found AD 1938 (NAT)
OS 6" map (1968)

A barbed point, now in the NMAS (Acc No: HLA 1) was found in 1938 in the bed of the River Irvine. The discovery was reported, but incorrectly sited in (Irvine and Fullarton Times, 12 August 1938). It was noticed from the footpath, below Shewalton sandhills on the left bank, and about the middle of the great bend northward (information from anon finder) (the findspot was indicated at NS 3254 3720 by A D Lacaille on 30 September 1954 during a visit to OS office).
The point, of red deer antler, is 7 5/8 inches long with four barbs on each side. Though exhibiting some Maglemosian and Azilian affinities, Lacaille (1954) shows that it should be considered to be of relatively late post-Mesolithic date, but illustrating the survival of earlier traditions, contemporary with the occupation of the Shewalton sand-dunes.
A D Lacaille 1939

A cast is in Glasgow Art Galleries and Museum (Acc No 42-21).

Biserial antler barbed point (NMS HLA 1) dated by radiocarbon to 3890+/- 80bc (OxA-1947), 4050-3730 cal BC.
NMRS MS/735/1.

Further Reading and Sources

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Lacaille, A D , 'A barbed point of deer-antler from Shewalton, Ayrshire', PSAS, Vol 73, 1938-9, pp.48-50.(1939)