WoSAS Pin: 6529

Site Name: Irvine, St Mary's Well

Alternative Name(s): Irvine, Chapel Well

Monument Type: Holy Well

Council: North Ayrshire

Parish: Irvine

Map Sheet: NS33NW

Grid Reference: 232263, 638524 NGR from Babington report

Canmore Number: 41958

Non-Statutory Register Code: N

Site Report


(NS 3226 3851) Chapel Well (NR)
OS 25" map (1968)

This well is noted as 'Chapel Well' in the OSA and ONB, and given the alternative name of 'St Mary's Well' by McJannet. (It stood close to what was probably a chapel dedicated to St Mary - see NS33NW 23).
OSA 1794; Name Book 1856; A F McJannet 1938

Situated in a wall is a circular well-head which has now been sealed with concrete. Above the opening is a small stone plaque stating 'St Inan's Well AD 839-1921'. No information regarding this last aurthority was encountered during investigation.
Visited by OS (JLD) 26 May 1954

No change.
Visited by OS (JRL) 3 June 1982

St Mary's Chapel, and the associated St. Mary's Well, are situated on the banks of the River Irvine at the foot of St Mary's Well Brae near the Parish Church. The chapel is of unknown date, and it is possible that it pre-dates the early church. The two certainly existed side by side in the fifteenth century, as the foundation received financial support from the same endowment made to the parish church by Dame Alicia Cambell in 1446 (McJannet, 1938, 137). Should further opportunities arise, however, it would be useful to examine the site of the chapel, to recover the plan, and attempt to establish a chronology in relation to the parish church and the town. It is possible that disturbance of the immediate area has already occurred as a result of the laying of new drains associated with the recent housing development.
Turner Simpson, A. & Stevenon, S., 'Historic Irvine: The Archaeological Implications of Development', Scottish Burgh Survey, 1980
Entered WoSAS (MO'H) 11/03/2008

The well-head is located at NGR 232263, 638524
NGR from Babington, D., & Newton, B., 25/01/13

Further Reading and Sources

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