WoSAS Pin: 66753

Site Name: Cuff Hill

Alternative Name(s):

Monument Type: Stone Row

Council: North Ayrshire

Parish: Beith

Map Sheet: NS35SE

Grid Reference: 238477, 654867 NGR from McQueen Report

Canmore Number:

Non-Statutory Register Code:

Site Report

WoSAS Pin 66753
NS 3847 5486

A line of stones is visible on a flat area of ground around 220m south of the chambered cairn on Cuff Hill. The alignment comprises large earth-fast boulders, with a possible low bank running between them. A linear hollow is also visible in the field, running parallel to the row of stones, and this feature is clearly visible on aerial photos of a dark hollow. It is possible that this combination of features could represent the remnants of a track or route, with an infilled ditch on one site and the much-denuded remains of an drystone wall or dyke on the other, the large earthfast stones representing elements of the foundation of this structure.
Information from McQueen, J, 23/01/13

NS 38500 54852 to NS 38485 54859
Alignment of seven large rocks measuring roughly 25m in length. Former field boundary. Site damaged during ground preparation associated with a tree planting scheme. Trenches dug between the various stones without any archaeological supervision
Shaw, R., 'Cuff Hill Woodland Creation, Beith, North Ayrshire: Archaeological Survey Works - Data Structure Report', 2013

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