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This page is designed to allow you to submit new archaeological information to the WoSAS Historic Environment Record. Your information can then be added to the public record for use by other researchers. The form below is designed to help you enter information in a consistent way. We would like to acknowledge receipt of your information, and we might like to find out more by contacting you directly. If you are happy for us to do this, please provide contact details in the "About You" section. We will need your email address to acknowledge receipt.

A printable version of the WoSAS reporting form can be downloaded for use in the field.

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NB. The information you have supplied will be held on a computerised database for efficiency. Personal details will not be passed on to any other organization. If you do not want any information about you to be held in this way, please let us know.

Site Identification

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Site Identification

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Summary :

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(please give the detail of your new information, including a descrition of any techniques you have employed to collect information (such as geophysical survey) and any sources that you have consulted (such as aerial photographs, historical maps))

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Date Comment:

(any additional comment on the date given above, for example if it is only approximate, or if it is the date an aerial photograph was taken rather than a field visit)

Condition and Threats

Please comment on the condition of the site if applicable,and let us know of any particular threats to its survival

Further Information

If any further information is available, such as detailed records, published articles, finds, photographs etc. we would probably like to follow these up in more detail.
If you would not mind us contacting you, please remember to give contact details in the "About You" section above.
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Copyright for any information added to the WoSAS Historic Environment Record will rest with the West of Scotland Archaeology Service. We will acknowledge your contribution in any such entry, and any subsequent use of the data.